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Discover every corner of Aranjuez, vistando all the historical places and the culture and customs of this beautiful town.

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Although the history of Aranjuez current originates in the late Middle Ages, there are reports of historical events of some importance, as well as continuous settlements since prehistoric times.

Found remains of Paleolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age and Iron. Eg Celtic axes known as "lightning stones". Towns probably dedicated to hunting, grazing, agriculture and saltpeter found in some hills.

In addition to the archaeological remains found in the area, there is documentary references existed here a population center since Roman times. Polybius and Livy tell an important battle won by Hannibal near the junction of the Tagus and Jarama.

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El Tren De Aranjuez

The Tren de Aranjuez, which as we know crosses the Manzanares River Linear Park, commemorates its 25 2,009 years since the Railway Museum decided to establish this memorial service of the first railway line Madrid.

The Madrid-Aranjuez line was inaugurated in the year 1,851, giving great borbónico shelve the dream of a navigable channel to make the river Manzanares: The Royal Canal del Manzanares. Originally, this train was used to bring the produce from the garden of Aranjuez to the capital, so the nickname "Strawberry Train" is won. That history keeps testimony Linear Park itself, which still looks a bridge with more history than you might think, a bridge that once substantiate steam locomotives and now does the same with modern commuter trains that go to Atocha.

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It is one of most beautiful bullfighting arenas in the world. Built and inaugurated by King Carlos IV and his wife Maria Luisa de Parma in 1797.

Artistic Historical Monument, with over 200 years, is one of the few bullrings left standing of the eighteenth century, sharing this uniqueness with such notable buildings as the Maestranza in Seville or Ronda bullring.

Its austere exterior hides a rich interior treatment. It has its magnificent bullfighting museum, visited by many domestic and foreign tourists.

our parties

Aranjuez has a peculiar festive cycle, derived from its former status of Royal Site and the subsequent settlement from the late eighteenth century. Formerly the celebrations of Real Sitio de Aranjuez consisted of the actual days of spring, which highlighted various entertainment events and courtiers: the big and small game; the algarradas or bullfights; walks along the Tagus river in barges, to the music; carousels and "couples"; military parades; opera performances and theater; palace dances; equestrian competitions.

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San Isidro Labrador

Aranjuez celebrates May 15 the pilgrimage to Real Cortijo de San Isidro.

On that day also it takes place the famous auction of animals, food and agricultural tools, and the celebration of Mass in the church in honor of San Isidro Labrador.

People traditionally usually go to Cortijo to eat there and spend a pleasant picnic. several rides and attractions are also installed so that the little ones can enjoy this day.

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festivities of San Fernando

These parties are due to King Ferdinand VI. It is said that the day of San Fernando, 1752, a frigate called San Fernando and Santa Barbara with golden flanks from bow to stern and decked in gold cloth with fringe silver stood at Tajo, which could be spotted by the King , who greeted seven times with the voice and fifteen guns, making music since the frigate and two jabeques. There were fireworks and evening stroll through the gardens ...

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Aranjuez Mutiny Fiestas

Aranjuez live in or visit the city in early September, it is a privilege. Not only for the pleasure of being in a tourist town and incomparable wealth of monuments, but by the possibility of moving, for hours, for days, the Spain of 1808. A vital for political and social development of the town historical epoch Spanish, in which Aranjuez, its neighbors, its inhabitants, wrote a few pages of historical development of our country. A page that reopens every year, after the summer, in a unique party, born of popular sentiment and put into practice by the residents of the Royal Place and Villa. A party with style, class and prestige with its own identity, which has earned the designation of National Tourist Interest since 1992.

Are the inhabitants themselves of Aranjuez, coastal and riverine, the arancetanos and arancetanas who renounce part of their vacation, to get into the skin of historical characters that draw us 1808 D. Benito Perez Galdos in his National Episodes and now they are interpreted in the same scenery that gave life to the story: the Plaza de la Parada Royal Palace, the Palace of Godoy, the River Tagus, Plaza de Toros, the streets and old buildings. bicentennial stones that have managed to keep within its walls, traditions dormant for years.